123LearntoTrade Price Action Course Review

123LearntoTrade Price Action Course Review

123LearntoTrade Price Action Course Review

Brendan Egan is the brains behind the www.123learntotrade.com and the advanced price action course. The premium course is pegged at $297 payable via Paypal. The course is designed with the beginner and advanced traders in mind. Course content constitutes 60 lessons and over 7 hours of video content. The course is quite comprehensive as the principles and strategies taught in the course can be applied throughout stocks, forex, futures and commodities and any market that has chartable data.

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Principles taught in the course are applicable to any timeframes meaning the strategies are relevant scalpers, day traders, swing traders and investors.

Course Facts:

  • Quick Facts About the Course:
  • Name: Advanced Price Action Trading Course
  • Course Style: Price Action & Crowd Psychology
  • Style: Day Trading, Swing Trading, Investing
  • Number of Lessons: Over 60 Lessons
  • Length: Over 7 Hours of Video
  • Format: Online High Definition Videos
  • Support: Private One-On-One Forum Support
  • Examples: Over 100 real world charts
  • Lesson List: Click here for Lesson List
  • Testimonials: Click here for Testimonials
  • Rating:
  • Payments: Credit, Debit, Check, PayPal
  • Price: Just $297

Support can be accessed via email and telephone. The website resource carries Brendan’s Blog, member blogs, trading forums as well as a trading questions and answers section. Other than the premium advanced price action course, the website presents educational resources designed to empower traders with a foundation of forex trading.

The price action course is made up of 5 sections. The first section is the introduction which comprises thrusts on Meeting your Mentor, Understating the Course, High Probability versus High profits, Risk Reward, Trading Tuition, Trading and Traffic as well as Any Rand Theory. The second section covers the fundamentals of how markets work. In this section you will be introduced to price action trading. Support Resistance on Multiple Time Frames, Charting, right through Peripheral Vision and multiple topics and sub topics up to Candles and Wicks.

The third section takes you through the trading strategies which include Trend Trading, The Triangles, Whole numbers, Price Only Moves So Far, Patterns, etc. The forth section is dedicated to the trading psychology which covers aspects such as Finding Time for Trading, Balancing Trades, Psychology’s Role, Eliminating Revenge, The Positive Losers, The 2% Rule, Anticipation in Markets, Zero Sum grade, etc. The last section presents Live Trades where as a trader you will be taken through Patterns in Action on Apple, Trades, Breakdown, Resistance Play and more, Two Breakouts: Research in Motion Trade Times Due, a Losing Position On RIMM: Great Lesson Learned, Recap On RIMM and A Fakeout Gone Wrong, Anticipating The Fakeout: Perfect Trade and Bonus Lesson 1: More Live Chart Analysis.

The course resource does not have any presence on the leading social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin).

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