2ndSkies Price Action Course Review

2ndSkies Price Action Course Review

2ndSkies Price Action Course Review


The Price Action Course offered by Chris Capre, founder of 2ndSkiesForex.com is by far one of the leaders of the pack in the price action education space. The course is packaged to sharpen your trading edge, improve your day-to-day trading performance as well as your confidence, discipline and consistency. The parent website 2ndskiesforex.com has a Google Rank of 2/10, 22023 Facebook likes and 6215 twitter followers.

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Training Scope

3 times each week traders subscribed to the course get access to the trader setups ideas and price action analysis in the market. The instructor covers price action context, the key levels the instructor is watching on the live market as well as the instructor’s trend bias (bullish or bearish). The trade setups also cover entry locations. Chris Capre also conducts 2 weekly trader quizzes aimed at testing the traders’ knowledge and price action skills in the current market.


Members also have the privilege of accessing a wealth of knowledge shared across the Live trade setups forum. The forum comprises the course instructor himself, some senior traders as well as forum members. From the forum you can access trader setups and benefit from a volume of insights shared by traders watching the markets.

The major deliverables of course are:

  • Learn to Trade with the Trend
  • Building Successful Trading Psychology
  • Identify Order Flow Behind the Price Action
  • How to Prepare for Your Trending Day
  • Identify Critical Support & Resistance Levels
  • Building Expert Trading Skills
  • Identify the Most Important moves in Market
  • Learn How to Gauge Your Growth
  • Know When High-Probability Breakouts Are Forming
  • 3-Dimensional Risk Management

Premium membership comes with private monthly member webinars as well as private skype follow up sessions. This course is suitable for traders at varying levels of expertise. The course articulates principles and techniques suitable for beginners as well as fund traders.

The freemium version of the course has a lot of valuable resources for traders that want to get into the price action learning curve and are not ready to settle for a premium course yet.

The free beginner course is quite thorough and comprehensive as well as it comes with 12 chapters loaded with education content.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter and get a free eBook on how to get an Edge Trading the Forex Markets. The EBook resource covers the following:

  • What it Means to Have an Edge
  • What are the Key Moves in the Market?
  • Intra-day Trading Tool for Precise Entries & Exits

As a give away for signup, subscribers also get exclusive access to the monthly newsletter which presents insights exclusive to subscribers. The course enjoys informative reviews such as the one presented on  http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/public/review/2ndskiesforex.com FOREX PEACE ARMY forum.

Course material entails over 45 hours of Price Action Course Videos loaded with strategies, examples and advanced price action techniques.

Support for members is accessible through email and Skype.

You can access the course here  for $249.

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