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Online trading is one of the industries with the highest failure rates (about 95%) in the world. Many prospective forex and stock traders are misled into thinking that with a small deposit into one of the state-of-art trading brokerages they will start making a killing. Many poeple end up as forex failure victims because of abounding misinfomation in this sector. IntoForex is here to help traders and prospective to seperate chaff from fact and get real empowerment with realistic steps of getting into online forex and stock trading that really works.

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IntoForex is a one-Stop resource for those already in the forex/stock trading business as well as those intending to start a career in online trading. The aim of the blog is to empower traders with facts on realistic stocks and forex trading. Research shows that about 95% of new traders fail and a lack of sound trading knowledge is one of the chief reasons. The blog aims at debunking falsehoods about the prospects of online trading while empowering traders with actionable insights and steps they can take into online that really works.