DailyPriceAction Course Review

DailyPriceAction Course Review

DailyPriceAction Course Review

The DailyPriceAction course is presented by the renowned forex trading guru Justin Bennett. Bennett has been a student of the financial markets since 2003 and a forex trader since 2007.

Course scope covers the following topics:

  • Pin Bar Trading Strategies
  • Inside Bar Trading Strategies
  • Advanced 50% Entry Methods
  • Bullish and Bearish Wedge Breaks
  • Trend Analysis
  • Dynamic Support and Resistance
  • Measured Moves
  • Using Proper Risk to Reward Ratio
  • Trading Psychology
  • Determining Pin Bar Quality
  • Risk Management
  • Wedge Breaks
  • Confluence and Price Action
  • Transitioning to a Live Account

The course web resource had 1248 twitter followers and 48 957 Facebook likes at the time of compiling this review. The Google PageRank for the parent website is not yet in the positive range. The course comes with daily trade setups. As a trader you can ask questions if need be before you dive into your trades. The communication and feedback facility for the premium course is commendable as the instructor is available to answer questions within 24 hours. With the DailyPriceAction Trade Tracker you will be able to track your trading performance. The trade tracker enables you to keep track of your watch list using annotated charts, monitor your trading performance over time and track your trading performance over time. The tracker also enables you to create your own trading plan using the built-in template.

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The Daily Price Action member platform is optimized for all forms of devices. You can access the platform conveniently from your desktop, laptop, iPad, or iPhone.

In addition to getting direct access to the instructor, members get the following out of the box:

  • Complete Forex Price Action Course
  • Access to the Live Setups Forum
  • Access to the Member’s Discussion Forum
  • Lifetime access to DPA Trade Tracker
  • Exclusive Member-Only Video Library
  • Daily Price Action Setups
  • Intraday Price Action Setups
  • Access to Other Price Action Traders

 Main Course Thrust

Course scope is mainly directed at empowering traders to identify key support and resistance levels while empowering traders with the techniques of using price action signals and making the most of trend analysis. As a trader you will also learn the best ways to trade pin bars, inside bars and advanced entry and exit strategies. The course is not only limited to trading techniques and strategies but also covers the business of trading forex with price action. Traders are taught risk management and ways of maximizing gains while minimizing losses. The advanced strategies of the course teach how to trade wedge breaks, highly confluent blind traders, etc.

The DPA Trade Tracker

The DPA Trader tracker is a proprietary system modeled for managing watch lists, open trader as well as closed trades. The system features charts and graphs to monitor your trading performance including your win/loss ratios and average R-multiple. Course content is delivered through instructional text, charts and video.

The learning thrust is complemented by daily trade setups and weekly forex forecast which keep trader abreast with trends in the real world forex market. As a beginner you can access free beginner lessons which cover the basics of forex trading and set the foundation for the advanced price action course. The free forex trading course can be accessed through subscription. The premium course is accessible for $397.

Support for t premium members is accessible via email and the website’s live chat. Check out the Forex Price Action Course Here.

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