ForexMentor Price Action Course Reivew

ForexMentor Price Action Course Reivew

ForexMentor Price Action Course Reivew

The advanced price action course is presented by trouper trader and educator Peter Brain, the founder of is made up of a team of expert forex traders who specialize in various specialties within the forex trading sphere. The major thrust of the course focuses on fostering the correct thought process that a trader needs in order to conduct profitable trading. The course is based on focusing on a trader’s unique thought process and preference in timeframe.

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The price action course has been packaged with an intermediate trader in mind, a trader who understand Fibonacci, support and resistance as well as patterns. The learning deliverables can be applied on scalping, day trading and swing trading.

Course content is delivered through these resources:

A separate Scalping Section. This section is dedicated to illustrating how as a trader you can identify institutional levels of interest where you can play bounces in order to make consistent profits when the market is quite.

A Video Library of Simulated Trades: The video archive uses ForexTester. The course instructor uses real trades to ensure that the learners understand the concepts taught in the course. Downloadable Slides: Slides used in the course can be downloaded as PDFs and accessed offline. Q/A Videos: Members will gain access to a series of Question and Answer video content availed from time to time.

Course scope is made up of sections outline below:

  • Section 1: Thinking Like a Pro
  • Section 2: Market Structure & Tools
  • Section 3: Patterns
  • Section 4: Entry, Management, Profits
  • Section 5: Range bound & Trending Markets
  • Section 6: Resources
  • Section 7: How I Approach My Trading Day
  • Section 8: Recap
  • Bonus Sim Trades

Section 3 of the course is the biggest of all as it spans 29 concepts.

Section 3: Patterns

  • Introduction to Patterns
  • Head & Shoulders
  • SimTrade: Head & Shoulders
  • Inverse Head & Shoulders
  • SimTrade: Inverse Head & Shoulders
  • Bullish Gartley
  • SimTrade: Bullish Gartley
  • Bearish Gartley
  • SimTrade: Bearish Gartley
  • Bullish Bat
  • SimTrade: Bullish Bat
  • Bearish Bat
  • SimTrade: Bearish Bat
  • Bullish Butterfly
  • SimTrade: Bullish Butterfly
  • Bearish Butterfly
  • SimTrade: Bearish Butterfly
  • Bullish Crab
  • SimTrade: Bullish Crab
  • Bearish Crab
  • SimTrade: Bearish Crab
  • Bullish Base
  • SimTrade: Bullish Base
  • Bearish Base
  • SimTrade: Bearish Base
  • Head & Shoulders Broken Down
  • Butterfly Completes the Gartley
  • SimTrade: Bullish Gartley Inside Bullish Bat
  • SimTrade: Head & Shoulders Inside Bat Pattern

The course is available in two packages, the online version and DVD Rom Version. The online version consists of 8 sections of video instruction, PDF booklets at a cost of $247. The DVD Rom version includes video sections, DVD Rom and PDF booklet at a cost of $347.

At the time of the review had a Google PageRank of 3, and 619 Facebook likes as well as 37 Twitter Followers. Support can be accessed through telephone and email. You can check out the course here.

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