Price Action Course Review Price Action Course Review Price Action Course Review

The price action course comes in both freemium and premium packages. The free course is basically an introductory thrust on price action trading while the premium version is a comprehensive course spanning a wealth of crucial techniques and strategies in price action trading. The parent website has 526 Facebook likes, 170 twitter followers and a Google PageRank of 1 out of 10. To access premium course content, you need to sign up with one of the participating partners (brokers) and pay in the minimum deposit.
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What you will learn in the course

The course focuses on empowering leaners with the techniques of trading with risk to reward ratios profitable to traders. As a trader you will also learn how to aim for at least 100 pip moves as well as how to sustain winner trades by riding the entire trend for at least 200+ pips. To complement the foregoing, the course also teaches how to cut your losses early and improve your win rate. Part of the course scope is aimed at teaching traders how to make use of candlestick information so as to improve their decision making methods in forex trading.

Training Scope

The course is loaded with video content spanning over 7 comprehensive modules. The progression is particularly focused on empowering the trader to learn to exercise patience on his setups as well as to avoid noise during trades by sticking with price action to maximize profits and cut losses.

Module 6 of the course focuses on price action strategies which include:

  • Pin Bar Trading Strategy
  • Inside Bar Strategy
  • The Outside Bar Candlestick Strategy
  • The Long Wick and Body Strategy (Mean rejection)
  • W Bottom and M Tops Strategy
  • How to Correctly Trade Breakouts
  • The Kym Method: Retest of Previous Swings
  • Indecision Candles for Continuation and Reversal Setups

Each module on the course is comprised of standalone units. Each unit comes with a video tutorial as well as a video transcript. Only Unit 1 of Module 1 is accessible for free, the rest of the module unit videos are limited to premium members. The course is prepared with intermediate traders and above in mind. Beginner traders are advised to go through the candlestick and chart pattern lesson in the beginner and technical course before diving into the PACTC. The reason for this is that an understanding of the information candlesticks provide is needed and essential to complete this course.


Help and support can be obtained via email and live chat.

You can check out the course here.

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