Trading Setup Price Action Course Review

Trading Setup Price Action Course Review

Trading Setup Price Action Course Review

The Trading Setup Price Action  is presented by Galen Woods. The course is packaged as a self-study course which gives traders price action insights accumulated over 10 years. Course content is articulated in a concise and practical step by step guide.

The course comes in 4 PDF course books and consists of 600 pages of tablet and desktop friendly information. You can subscribe here to the mailing list to get the free course chapter together with the general overview of the entire course.
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Volume 1 of the course covers Market Perspectives while Volume 2 spans Market Bias. Volume III deals with Price Patterns and the final volume covers Positive Expectancy.

 Course Packages and Pricing

day trading price action course packages

The Day Trading Price Action course comes in three packages that traders can choose from.

The basic course will cost you $169. This package comes with 4 PDF course books, Excel Trading Toolkit, Lifetime Updates and 3 months email support. After the basic package comes the Premium Package which goes for $199. This package comes with everything in the basic package including 7 Ninja Trader Indicators and 12-month email support. The final package is the ultimate package which goes for $349. This comes with all the features of the premium course but will afford you 24 months of email support.

You can check these packages here.

 Course Objectives

The course is designed to enable traders to execute profitable price action day forex trading drives. The course scope includes trading templates and references for each price action trading plan which saves traders time affording them the advantages of diving into the trading game instantly. Among other benefits, the course declaratives include enabling traders to enter the market with confidence, learn quickly, master trends and make these work in favor of the trader.

The course is driven by the “Focus on Trading and not Finding” philosophy which consists of mastering the following:

  • Price Action Time-Frame Index (PATI)
  • Congestion Zone / Break-out Failure
  • Trend Bar Failure
  • Deceleration
  • Anti-Climax
  • Pressure Zone
  • Reward-to-Risk (R2R)

The trading toolkit is aimed at helping you at every step of the trading process. The kit consists of a checklist for day trading, day trading rules and guidelines, trade records template, Monte Carlo Simulator and ongoing price analysis matrix, etc. You can purchase the course here.

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